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Term 1 Kindergarten


Implemented during the first few days of the new school term. 

- Assesses the LITERACY and NUMERACY skills student bring to school.

- NOT a test

- Assists teachers to form groups in reading and number to support student learning.

- Bring some fruit and a drink. Students can wear casual clothes.

Please remember to book your Best Start times. If you haven't got your Best Start postcard from the front office please do so as soon as possible. If you have any questions please see or call the front office on 4384 1111. 



- Students will officially start their first day in Kindy, however once in their classes, there may be some movement to adjust the final composition. Come to the hall and you'll be directed to a colour for the class (for example Mrs Noakes' class is Kinder Purple).

- Classes are not formed based on ability but a balanced mix of gender and friendships.

- Although we do take on board friend requests we cannot guarantee these will take place.


The first week

- Kinder will finish early (3pm) to allow parents to catch up with parents, to catch up with teachers, tired bodies to get home from a busy day and also for parents and kids to beat the 3.30pm finish. This can be a bit daunting for our Kinders.



- Remember to pack fruit, lunch and recess. Please ensure children know how to open their food containers and/or wrapping.

- If your child wants to buy anything from the canteen, please put the money in an envelope and write what they would like to buy on the front.

- Label everything!

- Parents will be informed of what colour dots to meet their children at.

- Keep an eye out for notes in school bags and messages on Skoolbag (download onto smart phones Wamberal Public School Skoolbag; setup Kindergarten)

- A quick kiss and a cuddle before allowing your kids to line up in the COLA (covered outdoor learning area).

- An information evening with your class teacher will be held in the middle of term 1.

- Please let your child's teacher know of home arrangements (verbally or written).

- Bus pass applications are available from the front office.

- A yellow ‘W' is painted on the pathway on the way to Aldinga Ave. A teacher will walk the students down to the road where the students meet up with their parents.

Students will be shown the ‘W' by Kindergarten teachers for the first few weeks.


Now that Kinder has started

- Always leave your child with a smile.

- Be positive.

- Always be on time to pick up your child. Notify the office in advance if you may be late.

- Display their most prized work on the fridge.

- Write important dates/events on the calendar.

  • If you are having trouble getting your child to school talk to the teachers for suggestions.
  • Pack food and drink your child likes and easily opened.
  • Help out in the canteen or classroom.

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