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School Ethos



Wamberal Public School Ethos

When parents enrol their children at Wamberal Public School they enter into a partnership with the school staff. This partnership is based on shared responsibility in creating in children an understanding of appropriate public behaviour. It depends on mutual respect with each partner supporting the decisions and responsibilities exercised by others. We strive to encourage our students to develop a responsibility for their own behaviour and learning. We believe that students have a right to be safe and happy at school and that they have the right to expect courtesy, fairness, respect and excellence in teaching.


Wamberal Public School Code of Conduct and Core Values


I Will:

1.    Take responsibility for myself & my actions;

2.    Give my best effort in all I do;

3.    Respectmyself, others and property; and

4.    Carefor the environment.


We Value:

Ø      Friendship

Ø      Learning

Ø      Fairness & Equity

Ø      Honesty & Truth

Ø      Harmony & Caring

Ø      Respect & Courtesy

Ø      Citizenship & Teamwork

Ø      the Environment (our world).