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Communication: Home to School

We value our relationships with parents, carers and families, and we want all students to be happy and thrive at school. But we know that sometimes things may not go as you thought they would. So if you want to ask us a question, provide feedback, raise a concern, or tell us if we have done something well, we'd like to know as soon as possible.

How to Contact Our School

All matters can be directed to our school by telephone, written note or email.

In addition, absence or change of address details can be notified by our Wamberal Public School Skoolbag App.

  • Skoolbag App (for notification of student absence or change of address)

Our contact details are also available on our school website:

How We Will Respond to Your Matter

Most matters will be responded to by return telephone call.

You may also seek or be offered an interview with the appropriate person.

Some matters will require a written response.

Approaching teachers whilst they are preparing for lessons and professional meetings or whilst teachers are supervising students in their care does not allow for your matter to be managed appropriately. Notes or messages for the class teacher can be provided to the front office for delivery to the class teacher.

If you require an appointment with any staff member, please telephone ahead to arrange a mutually convenient time. This will ensure the appropriate staff member is available to meet with you.

In all communications with the school, please allow for an appropriate response time.

Who to Contact in Our School

The first point of contact for any communication is your child's classroom teacher.

If there are further concerns, please contact the Assistant Principal who is the team leader for the year group your child is in.

If your concerns are not satisfied after contacting the relevant Assistant Principal, please contact the appropriate Deputy Principal.

Our school Principal will then be the point of contact for issues that are unresolved beyond the Deputy Principals.

All matters will be referred back to the most appropriate person, starting with the classroom teacher.

Your Child's Classroom Teacher

Assistant Principal  Early Stage 1 (Year K): Mrs Kristy Herring

Assistant Principal Stage 1 (Years 1&2): Mrs Kylie Johnson (Mon/Tues),

                                                                     Mr Dennis Raft (rel) (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Assistant Principal Stage 2 (Years 3&4): Miss Amy Ball

Assistant Principal Stage 3 (Years 5&6): Mr Brett Smith (rel)

Deputy Principal Curriculum: Mrs Glenys Jenkin (rel)

Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Engagement: Mrs Jane Rees

Principal: Mr Paul Miller 


Our school looks forward to working with you to create a safe, supportive learning environment, helping our children to connect, succeed and thrive in their schooling.