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Learning and Support Team

School Learning and Support Team

Every school has a learning and support team, and they will look different in every school. The composition of the learning and support teams varies, depending on the needs of the school and community where they work.

Our School Learning and Support Team consists of the:

  • Learning and Support Coordinator / Deputy Principal
  • Learning and Support Teacher
  • School Counsellor.

Team member details are listed on Our Staff page.

The School Learning and Support Team collects and gives recommendations for the teachers of students who need adjustments to access the curriculum and meet their educational goals. The School Learning and Support team plays a key role in meeting the specific needs of children with disability and additional learning and support needs.

How will the learning and support team support your child

To support your child, the team will:

  • get to know your child
  • work with your child’s teachers to make sure your child’s additional learning and support needs are identified
  • organise the planning process, and design the supports for your child
  • work with the whole school community and other professionals to improve learning for all students.

The School Learning and Support Team also assists in early intervention planning, processing and allocating resources.

Meeting the School Learning and Support Team

As part of your role in supporting your child, you may meet with a member of the School Learning and Support Team to:

  • discuss your child’s strengths, interests and areas for development
  • plan adjustments and supports
  • monitor your child’s progress.

The team will also be involved in the process of submitting an access request if one is needed.

Our School Learning and Support Team members are available to meet by phone, online in person and face to face at the school.

Please contact the Learning Support Coordinator who can connect you with the appropriate staff member.

Transition Support

Additionally, the School Learning and Support Team can help your child to transition from preschool to primary school and from primary school to high school.

Process of Referral to the Learning and Support Team

Students requiring additional support at school may be identified by teachers and/or parents. Through teacher and parent consultation these students may be referred to the School's Learning and Support Team. This team then discusses the most appropriate form of support and intervention for the student and communicates this outcome to parents/carers.

In some cases a referral to the Learning and Support Team may subsequently result in a referral to the School Counsellor. In these cases, written permission will be sought from parents and carers. All referrals to the school counsellor are prioritised by the Learning and Support Team according to level of need of the school. Following intervention by the school counsellor, parents will be invited to discuss the outcomes and be provided, in many cases, with a written report.

Should there be a School Counsellor recommendation for further support through a non-Department of Education service provider (e.g. paediatrician) this report may then be used to inform additional assessments. With parent / carer permission, the School Counsellor will liaise with outside service providers, as required.

As the School Counsellor is employed by the Department of Education, they work in response to referrals from the Learning and Support Team and are not in a position to respond to requests for assessment from outside service providers.

Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss any issues affecting their child with the classroom teacher in order to determine whether a referral to the Learning and Support Team may be appropriate. The Learning and Support Team will then determine what support is appropriate.

See Roles and Responsibilities of School Learning and Support Teams

School Wellbeing Chaplain

Complementing our school’s wellbeing supports, the School Wellbeing Chaplain service aims to assist the school community to provide pastoral care and general spiritual, social and emotional support to all students, irrespective of their faith or beliefs. This can include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and spiritual issues; the provision of student wellbeing and enhancing engagement with the broader community.

The School Wellbeing Chaplain works closely with the school’s Learning and Support Team to deliver a range of student wellbeing services including peer leadership and support programs, mentoring and coaching, and support for students in the classroom and playground.

The School Wellbeing Chaplain is available one day per week. The School’s Learning and Support Team coordinates referrals to the School Wellbeing Chaplain.

Parents can contact the Deputy Principal / Learning and Support Coordinator if seeking a referral to the School Counsellor or School Wellbeing Chaplain.